Don't let stray buttons go to waste. Give them new purpose as hair accessories

Pin hair back in summer style by taking time to create a set of three hair accessories using stray buttons and some floral fabric. There’s no need to head out to the store when it’s time to keep fly-away strands off the face. Instead, take a moment to search the craft drawer and likely its contents will contain everything required to design a one of a kind accessory. This DIY project is one that looks great and does its job efficiently too.
Three large bobby pins make the ideal base for a button hair accessory. Once a decorative fabric has been chosen, a needle and thread can be used to craft a pouch perfectly sized for a small button to be wrapped inside. Once attached to a bobby pin end with hot glue, this unique and stylish hair accessory only needs to be worn and admired. Use a floral fabric when summer is in full swing, or switch it up for a glittering fabric when the hair accessory is the perfect addition to an outfit made for a night on the town.
-Swatch of decorative fabric, 8 inches by 8 inches
-Buttons, three that are half an inch in diameter
-Needle and thread
-Large bobby pins, three
-Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks
DIY Everywhere
1. Turn a decorative swatch of fabric upside down, and place it on a flat working surface.
2. Place a button measuring half an inch in diameter near the bottom left corner of the fabric.
3. Measure the button from the center to the outer edge. For a half-inch button this measurement will be a quarter-inch.
4. Measure out a quarter-inch from the sides, top and bottom of the button, and mark the measurements on the fabric with a pen.
5. Draw a circle around the button using the pen markings as guides.
6. Remove the button, and cut the circle out of the fabric.
7. Baste the edge of the circle of fabric using a needle and thread.
8. Place the button in the center of the fabric pouch, and gather the edges around the button by pulling the remaining thread tight.
9. Knot the thread to keep the fabric in place, and cut away excess thread once the knot is secure.
10. Apply a spot of hot glue to the center of the fabric where the button is still slightly visible through the opening.
11. Press the back of a large bobby pin to the glue to attach.
12. Turn the bobby pin over to reveal a charming hair accessory ready to be worn in style.
13. Create two additional hair pins for a truly eye-catching look when worn in combination.