Make a statement! Create a colorful pennant banner with canvas

A pennant banner is a classic way to decorate for a party, but with a few tweaks it becomes a refined way to accent a wall, with no special occasion needed. Simply switch out paper for the more durable canvas, add an inspirational phrase and some eyelets, then hang on the living room wall above a couch or side table. What was once a "here today, gone tomorrow" decoration is now an evergreen adornment.
What makes this banner so special is the meaningful message sewn to the canvas. A carefully chosen word or phrase has the power to move people and remind them of what's important. The project shown here uses "be bold" to encourage others to live fully and be true to themselves, but you can choose any phrase that holds significance for you.
- Canvas in two colors
- Felt
- Paper
- Alphabet stencils
- Straight ruler
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Fabric pencil
- Fabric scissors
- Sewing machine
- Straight pins
- Thread to match the felt
- Thread to match the canvas
- Eyelet hole punch pliers
- Eyelet setting pliers
- Eyelets
- Twine
DIY Everywhere
1. Measure the size of the letter stencils to get a rough idea of how big the pennant template should be. Draw a triangle large enough to fit one letter. You may want to draw an isosceles triangle, so the top side is shorter than the bottom two sides. Cut the template out.
2. Create a second template that is 1 inch wider on the two equal sides. Cut the template out.
3. Trace all the letters you need for the banner on felt and cut out.
4. Use the smaller template to trace and cut enough pennants for your phrase out of the base fabric.
5. Use the larger template to trace and cut the same number of pennants out of the contrast fabric.
6. Pin the felt letters to the base fabric pieces that you cut out in step 4. Sew the letters to the fabric using thread that matches the felt.
7. Place the base pennant on top of the contrast pennant. Line up the top side of both pennants and pin down. Sew the pennants together along the top edge using thread that matches the base pennant.
8. Make a mark about 1/2 inch in from each of the top corners of the smaller pennant. Punch a hole for an eyelet at each marking.
9. Use the eyelet setter to pinch the eyelets into the fabric.
10. String the pennants together with twine.
11. Hang and enjoy!