A headband DIY that's as cute as a button

Hair tamers like bobby pins and barrettes are not often very decorative. Low-key tortoiseshell and plastic are the norm, but this flower button headband will stylishly top off your outfit and keep your hair in place in the liveliest way!
If you choose bright colors for your headband, the effect will be energetic, while pastels will convey a gentler vibe. This piece also looks just as flattering adorning a pixie cut as it does long tresses. As a go-to fashion accessory, it’s sure to go into heavy rotation, no matter what the season or which outfit you choose.
- Plain bendable headband (can be plastic or covered with fabric)
- 15 to 20 flower-shaped buttons
- Spool of 26-gauge silver wire
- Small cutting tool
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay the headband and buttons down on your work surface.
2. Unwind about 6 inches of the wire, and cut it from the spool.
3. Wind the beginning of one end of the wire tightly around one of the lower side portions of the headband. Place the wire 2 to 3 inches from the end of the headband.
4. Thread the end of the wire piece through one of the holes of the button. Come in through the back and thread it through the second hole on the button front. The wire end will be positioned behind the button back at this point after it has threaded the two button holes.
5. Trim most of the excess wire but leave a bit to finish wrapping it around the headband.
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 about 15 more times, or until most of the headband is covered with the buttons.
7. Your flower button headband is ready to be worn.