Think twice about tossing out spare buttons and create a charming anklet instead

Fun accessories are a great way to reflect the spirit of the vibrant summer season. When it’s time to add something unique with just the right amount of sparkle into the summer wardrobe, strike the right balance by creating an anklet out of buttons. As comfortable as it is eye-catching, a button anklet is a great way to give spare buttons new purpose and keeps money in the wallet by saving on a trip to the jewelry store.
Draw attention to a great pair of shoes or sandals with this DIY anklet that doesn’t take much time to achieve stylish results. A standard chain link bracelet complete with a lobster clasp works well as a base. A collection of decorative buttons can easily be added to the chain with the help of craft wire and a pair of pliers. Half the fun of this project lies in picking out just the right buttons to match a personalized sense of style. Keep the final look feminine and flirty by choosing pink and orange polka dot buttons, or mix and match solids for a bold look that’s wearable any time of day or night.
-Silver bracelet chain with lobster clasp
-Decorative buttons, 11
-26-gauge silver craft wire
-Wire cutters
1. Place a silver bracelet chain with a lobster clasp on a flat working surface. Make sure the bracelet is long enough to be wrapped around the ankle and secured.
2. Cut 1 inch of 26-gauge silver craft wire using wire cutters.
3. Thread one end of the wire through the back and center of a decorative button, and fold the wire up to meet the other end at the top.
4. Thread one end of the wire through the chain link of the bracelet, and loop it back through the center of the button.
5. Twist and tighten the two ends of wire around the button with pliers. Cut away excess wire on the backside of the button with wire cutters, and use pliers to press any remaining wire flat.
6. Continue adding decorative buttons to the bracelet in this manner leaving four links between each attachment point.
7. Wrap the anklet around the ankle once all of the buttons are attached with the decorative sides facing out and all buttons hanging down.
8. Secure the anklet by the lobster clasp, and enjoy the color, jingle and shine that comes with wearing this fun and creative accessory!