Design a new necklace with buttons to upgrade a jewelry collection at no cost

Accessorizing an outfit with jewelry is a wonderful way to incorporate a sense of personal style into apparel. Whether it’s an evening out on the town or a day at work, adding just the right necklace can be the key to upgrading fashion sense entirely. When it’s time to enhance a jewelry collection with one of a kind pieces, there’s no need to head out to the store. Instead, create a DIY necklace that’s truly unique using buttons.
Once the backing on decorative buttons is cut off, crafters are left with a flat back accessory that just needs a chain and a touch of creative design to become something eye-catching. Hot glue is all it takes to keep buttons in place on a stiff felt backing. Chains can be quickly sewn onto either side of the button design for a perfect fit that’s ready to wear. A DIY button necklace can be worn alone or in combination with a second button necklace that gives something a little more sparkle.
-Decorative buttons, five
-Utility cutters
-Stiff felt backing
-Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks
-Thread snips
-Silver necklace chain, two
-Needle and thread
-Lobster clasp with two connecting links
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut the attachment backing off of five decorative buttons using utility cutters.
2. Place the five buttons decorative side up on a piece of stiff felt backing.
3. Arrange the buttons in a pleasing semi-circle design with the edges touching.
4. Apply hot glue to the back of each button. Press the button back into the semi-circle to secure it to the felt backing.
5. Cut the button design from the larger piece of felt using scissors to follow around the edges of the buttons as a stencil.
6. Cut away excess felt that shows between button edges with thread snips so only the backing remains attached.
7. Flip the buttons upside down so the felt backing is facing up.
8. Sew the last link of a necklace chain to the left side of the buttons using a needle and thread. Pass the needle through the felt before threading it through the link. Once the chain is securely attached, knot the thread and cut away excess as needed.
9. Apply a spot of hot glue underneath the felt, thread and chain, and press the felt down to complete the attachment.
10. Repeat on the opposite side of the buttons with a second necklace chain.
11. Connect a lobster clasp by an end link to one side of the necklace chain using pliers. Open the link on the lobster clasp to thread it through the necklace chain before closing it once more.
12. Repeat this for the second link on the lobster clasp, attaching it to the opposite necklace chain.
13. Wear this charming DIY necklace alone or in combination with a smaller version for a unique look that’s sure to be eye-catching!