This denim skirt DIY shows you have "good jeans" every time you wear it!

If you’re a die-hard believer in a “no-waste” world, repurposing jeans with stained or torn legs is an admirable practice. This clear-cut DIY proves that you can just trim the damage and wear away, and remake the pants into a cute skirt.
This fashion staple is definitely a throwback to the 1970s, but you can absolutely put a contemporary spin on it. The ultimate look is up to you and determined by what jewelry, footwear and other accessories you choose. By reworking the inseams of the jeans, you transform the piece into a sassy skirt that works equally well with cowboy boots or high-tops.
- Pair of button-fly blue jeans
- Chalk
- Clear plastic sewing ruler
- Scissors
- Seam ripper
- Serger
- Tabletop ironing board
- Iron
- Straight pins in a pincushion
- Sewing machine
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1. Lay the jeans on your work surface, with the front side facing up.
2. Decide on how long you want the skirt to be, and make a small mark at the outer edge of one of the legs with the chalk.
3. Use the ruler to mark the length across the leg.
4. Fold the jeans over lengthwise so one leg is over the other.
5. Find the small chalk mark you made, and use a ruler to mark the length across the leg of the jeans.
6. Cut both legs at the mark with the scissors.
7. Put the trimmed lower leg denim pieces aside.
8. Open up the jeans so the button fly is facing toward you, and turn them inside out.
9. Use your seam ripper to remove the stitching from the entire inseam.
10. Pull the inseam section apart.
11. Remove the stitching on the back of the skirt, about 2 inches up from the inseam.
12. Dispose of the thread that you removed.
13. Turn the skirt over, so the pockets and button fly are facing you.
14. Seam rip from the inseam edge to the bottom of the fly facing.
15. Pull out the thread, and dispose of it.
16. Turn the skirt right side out and lay it flat, with the front facing up.
17. Button all the fly buttons.
18. Mark where the front pieces overlap with the chalk.
19. Mark where the back pieces overlap.
20. Trim the excess fabric with the scissors.
21. Serge along the marks you made.
22. Place the tabletop ironing board on the work surface, and preheat your iron.
23. Press the seam allowances from the front seam under.
24. Lay the skirt flat, and pin the pieces together on the front and back, following the chalk lines.
25. Stitch along the back seam.
26. Stitch along the back seam again, removing the pins as you go.
27. Cut away any excess thread with the scissors.
28. Stitch along the pinned front seam, and remove the pins.
29. Mark a new hemline straight across the skirt with the chalk.
30. Cut the hemline straight with the scissors, and trim any stray threads.
31. Your denim skirt is now ready to wear! Accessorize it with a bold belt, platform boots or funky knee socks.