Add grommets and tassels to a denim skirt for a funky, flowing statement piece

Want to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe? Grab a denim skirt, some grommets and tassels, then whip up this playful piece. There’s no sewing involved, so you’ll be party-ready in minutes. Once complete, slip on your new-and-improved skirt, then find a dance floor!
One of the fun features of this project is that you can change out the tassels at any time. Sport red and green tassels around the holidays or opt for pastel colors in spring. You could even wear this skirt sans tassels since the grommets have a quirky, punk rock look on their own. No matter how you style it, this DIY upgraded skirt is sure to snag several compliments whenever worn.
- Denim skirt
- Ruler
- Chalk or marking pencil
- Scissors
- Grommets with 1/2-inch inner diameter, at least 21
- Setter and anvil grommet fixing tool
- Hammer
- Tassels in purple, pink and blue, eight of each
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the skirt right-side up on a table or durable work surface. With a ruler and chalk or marking pencil, make a mark about 1 inch right of the left side seam and about 1 inch above the bottom of the skirt. Cut a very small hole on the mark.
2. Slip the tall half of the grommet through the hole. Turn the skirt over so that the face of the grommet rests on top of the anvil. Note that the anvil is usually the smallest piece of the tool kit.
3. Place the flat half of the grommet, also called a washer, on the inside of the skirt over the tall half of the grommet. Place the setter on top of the washer, then pound the setter with a hammer using a few strong, smooth hits. Check to see if the grommet has melded into one piece. You may need to hit the setter a few more times to successfully install the grommet.
4. Using this same method, continuing installing grommets across the front of the skirt with each mark spaced about 2 inches apart. Turn the skirt over and repeat across the back. In this project, there are 10 grommets on the front of the skirt and 11 on the back. However, you may want more or fewer grommets depending on the size of your skirt.
5. Once your grommets are installed, it’s time to add the tassels. Take a purple tassel and pass the loop behind and through the left-most grommet on the front of the skirt, then slip the tassel through the loop, and pull it until it's tight. Repeat across the front and back of the skirt until each grommet has a tassel in alternating colors. In this project, the tassels repeat in a purple, pink and blue pattern.
6. Your tasseled skirt is complete and ready to wear!

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