Gussy up your door with a glittering wreath made from old brooches

Give the wreath on the front door a modern but elegant update. Adding old brooches bestows flowers an extra layer of sparkle and detail. The key to keeping the look balanced and not excessive is to use fewer flowers and find a frame that’s charming on its own. The result is a unique wreath that guests are sure to find striking.
With this DIY wreath, the adage that “less is more” definitely rings true. Traditional wreaths with flowers all the way around can feel oversized and outdated. An embroidery hoop provides an easy frame to work with but also looks beautiful even when not completely covered in flowers. Focus on attaching flowers to just one section of the hoop for a clean and minimalist style.
- Old brooches, 4
- Large embroidery hoop
- Faux flowers and greenery
- Floral wire
- Wire cutters
- High temp glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the embroidery hoop on the table.
2. Trim a faux flower using the wire cutters, leaving about 1 inch on the stem.
3. Cut a piece of floral wire that’s about 6 inches long. Position the flower near the bottom right of the hoop. Wrap the wire around the flower and hoop about three times or until the flower is fastened securely.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with other flowers and greenery until you’ve created the desired arrangement.
5. Select a brooch. Place a few lines of hot glue on the back of the brooch, being sure to cover the pin and other raised areas. Press the brooch, glue-side-down, onto the center of a flower. Repeat with other brooches as desired.
6. Display the wreath on a door to greet guests.

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