Keep time in style: Turn a metal tray into a clock

Staying on track and on time doesn’t have to be mundane. Upgrade timekeeping with style by creating an elegant and useful clock from a gold-plated metal tray. Instead of throwing out that old serving essential, carve out a little time to craft a clock that’s one of a kind and looks great on a kitchen wall or office desk.
In the event a gold-plated tray isn’t available, there’s always the option to paint or resurface a traditional metal tray to fit the desired design. If a gold-plated tray can be found, match it up with a gold-handed clock mechanism for a sleek final product that’s easy to mix and match with décor in nearly every room of the home. A drill is all it takes to prep the tray for the center hands to be attached. Once it’s all connected and secured, this is a clock that can easily be moved from shelf to wall when a style change-up is in order.
-Gold-plated metal tray 12 inches in diameter
-Wooden block 5 x 8 inches
-Table vice
-Hand-held power drill
-Protective gloves
-Clock mechanism with attachment washer and second, minute, and hour hands in gold
DIY Everywhere
1. Position a 5-inch by 8-inch wooden block on the edge of a work table.
2. Flip a gold-plated metal tray upside down and center it on top of the wooden block.
3. Secure the tray and block to the table by clamping it in place with a table vice.
4. Drill a hole through the center of the tray with a hand-held drill. Wipe away excess metal as drilling continues being sure to wear protective gloves.
5. Remove the tray from the table vice and flip it upright on a working surface so the edges are facing up.
6. Insert a clock mechanism through the back of the tray. The main spoke will be protruding through the interior of the tray.
7. Secure the clock mechanism to the tray by twisting the washer in place on the front of the main spoke.
8. Press each of the three clock hands onto the main spoke.
9. Insert a battery into the back of the clock mechanism.
10. Set the clock on an office desk or mount it on the wall of the living room or kitchen to admire and keep time in style.