Quick-change artist: Turn a metal tray into a stylish end table

There never seems to be enough room for drinks, plates of snacks, and other party paraphernalia when friends hang out, so a quick and easy DIY end table project is just the ticket. This table’s top is an upcycled metal tray with handles, so you likely have one or a few already in your home, just waiting to be transformed.
When the rustic wooden base is paired with the metal tray, the look is definitely “polished farmhouse.” A grouping of two in front of the sofa would serve as a stylish makeshift coffee table, while one next to the guest bed will add instant, welcoming charm to the space. This project isn’t limited to the indoors either. It would look great paired with outdoor furniture styles as varied as Victorian white wicker to colorful restored mid-century metal pieces. Wherever you choose to display this pleasing but functional accent piece, it’s sure to add a generous dose of charm.
- Two pre-made unfinished wooden columns, about 10 to 12 inches tall each; holes should be pre-drilled into two opposing corners on one of the square base pieces on each of them
- Jar of white chalk paint
- Plastic or glass bowl
- Small Mason jar filled halfway with water
- Ice pop stick stirrer
- 1 ½-inch-wide paint brush with a slanted tip
- Heavy duty twine rope
- Scissors
- Gorilla wood glue
- Decorative metal tray with handles
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay the table base on your work surface.
2. Pour about ¾-cup chalk paint into the bowl.
3. Add about 3-4 tablespoons of water to the paint.
4. Mix thoroughly using the stirrer.
5. Paint the two wooden columns with one coat of the chalk paint mixture.
6. Allow the paint to dry. Coverage can be uneven for a rustic look.
7. Place the square ends of each of the end pieces with the drilled holes so that they are aligned and next to each other.
8. Tie each set of drilled holes together by threading and knotting lengths of the heavy twine rope; make sure the rope is still attached to the spool when doing this step, and cut the pieces used after you’ve tied each knot.
9. Trim any excess off the rope and tighten the knots.
10. Apply the wood glue in a zigzag pattern across the square top component of the table base.
11. Affix the decorative metal tray to the top of the table base; allow the glue to dry.
12. The table is now ready to be used.