Trace your hand over an old sweater, create chic accessory for the winter

These mittens made from upcycled sweaters will clean out your closet and create a handful of holiday gifts all at the same time. As a bonus, the yarn laces along the side seams add a stylish accent and allow the wearer to adjust the mittens for their size. The adorable details and handmade care are sure to make your loved ones feel extra special.
The holidays can be a time for harried shopping trips and cold hands, but these upcycled sweater mittens take care of both. You don’t need a pattern or even much sewing experience to whip together a pair, and they’re simple enough to complete in an hour or two. Grab a couple of old sweaters, set aside an afternoon, and get ready to enjoy this season’s cutest and coziest accessory.
- Old sweater
- White chalk or marking pencil
- Scissors
- Sewing machine
- Matching thread
- Painter’s tape
- Yarn in orange, yellow and peach
- Large embroidery needle
1. Lay an old sweater on your work surface, then place your left hand on the sweater with your wrist on top of the bottom edge. Draw a mitten shape around your hand with the chalk, leaving about 1/4 inch for the seam allowance.
2. Cut out the mitten, so that you have two matching pieces, one from the front of the sweater and one from the back.
3. Lay the two pieces with the right sides together. Sew up and around the thumb, then around the fingers. Stop stitching around 2 inches from the bottom. This will be where you add the yarn lace.
4. Turn the mitten right side out, and try it on. Tuck under and stitch down the remaining raw edges.
5. Tape the ends of orange, yellow and peach yarn to the table. Braid the yarn together until the braid is about 2 feet long. Knot the end of the braid, then trim, so there are still 2 inches of yarn past the knot. Repeat for the other end of the braid.
6. Unknot one end of the braid, then thread each piece of yarn through the eye of a large embroidery needle. Pull the braid halfway onto the needle. Use the needle to stitch the braid into the open side of the mitten in the same way that you would lace up a shoe or boot. Remove the needle and knot the loose end of the braid.
7. Your mitten is complete. Repeat these steps to create a matching mitten for your right hand, then slip on and enjoy!
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