Don't discard an old suitcase. Give it new life with a little decorative paint

An old suitcase is more than an accessory. It’s also a testament to travels, memories and amazing adventures that can make up a lifetime of experiences. When a suitcase no longer works as luggage, there’s no reason to discard it. Keep memories intact and upgrade its look with nothing more than a bit of paint and creativity.
A stencil goes a long way toward revitalizing the look of old luggage, whether it's a carry-on bag or a larger suitcase that requires a touch-up. Consider covering the surface in a pastel color before adding some tastefully painted greenery to the suitcase surface. This pop of color makes the redesigned suitcase an eye-catching addition to a bookshelf or coffee table. Painting the top and bottom of the suitcase two different hues gives the finished project even more versatility to blend with your home décor.
- Round suitcase
- Light pink acrylic paint
- Small glass bowl
- Paintbrush
- Leaf stencil
- Painter’s tape
- Green acrylic paint
- Hair dryer
- Light gray acrylic paint
DIY Everywhere
1. Place an old, round suitcase on a flat working surface.
2. Fill a small glass bowl with light pink acrylic paint.
3. Paint the top cover and edges of the suitcase.
4. If the suitcase has a handle, paint that, too.
5. Secure a leaf stencil to one edge of the suitcase top using painter’s tape.
6. Fill a small glass bowl with green acrylic paint, and use the stencil to paint the design onto the surface of the suitcase.
7. Dry the green paint with a hair dryer once the stencil is removed for a more time-efficient process.
8. Move stencils around the suitcase top as desired to create a display of painted leaves. Each time, secure the stencils with painter's tape, apply the green paint and use a hair dryer to speed the drying process.
9. Flip over the suitcase and paint the bottom half using the gray acrylic paint.
10. Wait for the paint to completely dry before placing it on a bookshelf or coffee table.

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