DIY 2 for 1: Upgrade brooches and candleholders into shimmering centerpieces

Candles are a timeless way to decorate a table during the holidays or add a festive touch to the living room. Instead of buying a new set to match different occasions, try making these candleholders with old brooches. The brooches tie to the candleholders, so you can quickly swap them out for different celebrations or seasons. Keep a lookout for festal brooches at a flea market or garage sale and whip up a few of these au courant centerpieces in no time.
Not only is this an opportunity to make use of old brooches, but it’s also the perfect time to give outdated candleholders a DIY upgrade. Take stock of any wood or metal candleholders around the house that could use a face-lift. For metal holders, sand them first and use a primer and paint that will work with the material. Many spray paints work well for this purpose.
- An old brooch
- Wooden candleholder
- Gold ribbon, 1 inch wide
- Scissors
- White chalk paint
- Paint brush
DIY Everywhere
1. Paint a wooden candleholder with white chalk paint. Let it dry.
2. Cut about 1 foot of ribbon. Slide the end of the ribbon through the pin on the back of the brooch.
3. Tie the brooch to the candleholder. Double knot the ribbon and trim the ends.
4. Adjust the positioning of the brooch as needed. Place a candle in the holder and display.