Picture perfect: Adorn a frame with old brooches

Cultures throughout the centuries have prized brooches as a way to add a decorative touch to outfits while keeping garments closed. These beautiful baubles date back to the Bronze Age, but the advent of zippers and other fasteners has mostly taken away their practical function. Instead of relegating brooches to the back of the jewelry box, this unique and customizable picture frame gives them an honored place on full display.
A picture frame holding cherished memories is an elegant and respectful way to make use of an heirloom brooch from a loved one. If you don't have any family treasures on hand, garage sales and flea markets are wonderful places to grab one-of-a-kind pieces that will liven up this project. No matter what brooches you choose, they're sure to add a bit of glitz to photos.
- Picture frame
- Four old brooches
- Lace ribbon, 1 inch wide or as wide as the edges of the frame
- Mod Podge
- Hot glue gun
- Pliers
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1. Place the picture frame, back down, on a flat surface.
2. Put the lace ribbon across the bottom edge of the frame. Cut the ribbon to match the length of the edge.
3. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on the bottom edge of the frame. Place the ribbon on top.
4. Place another piece of ribbon on the right edge of the frame. Don't overlap the ribbon glued to the bottom edge. Cut the new piece of ribbon to fit, and glue into place with Mod Podge. Repeat for the top and the left edge. Allow the frame to dry.
5. Remove the pin from the back of an old brooch using pliers.
6. Put a quarter-sized amount of hot glue on one corner of the frame. Place the brooch on the hot glue and allow to dry.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all four corners of the frame.
8. After the glue has dried, place a picture inside the frame.
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