Get ready in style by repurposing a suitcase into a versatile vanity desk

There's no need to discard a suitcase that's officially been retired from your useful luggage collection. Although it's no longer useful for packing, you can quickly repurpose a suitcase into a vintage-chic vanity desk that looks great in a bathroom or bedroom. All it takes are a few table legs and a little time to create a one-of-a-kind suitcase vanity that’s as charming as it is useful.
The exterior of the suitcase remains the same when creating a vanity desk, but the inside provides endless options for decorative covering. Adhesive shelf liner is available in a variety of patterns and colors, and you can easily swap it out to change up the look of the vanity desk. Attaching a permanent mirror with superglue is a simple way to finalize the look of this vanity desk. The depth of the suitcase allows easy storage and display of everything from makeup brushes to jewelry when the vanity is complete.
-Decorative shelf liner with adhesive backing
-Round twist lock metal mounting plate with four attachment points
-Four twist-lock table legs
-Power drill
-16 screws
-Gorilla Super Glue
-Vanity mirror
DIY Everywhere
1. Open the suitcase on a flat working surface.
2. Unravel a length of decorative shelf liner with adhesive backing and press the edges of the liner into the bottom of the suitcase to crease.
3. Cut the liner to size following the crease marks.
4. Remove the adhesive backing and press the liner smoothly to the bottom of the suitcase cover.
5. Cover all remaining interior surfaces of the suitcase using the liner.
6. Flip the suitcase upside down, keeping the bottom lid on the working surface facing up and the top suitcase cover hanging over the side of the table.
7. Position a round twist-lock metal mounting plate with four attachment points on the bottom left corner of the suitcase.
8. Mark each attachment point on the surface of the suitcase with a Sharpie.
9. Remove the mounting plate, and drill shallow holes through each of the Sharpie markings.
10. Reposition the mounting plate and secure it to the bottom corner of the suitcase by drilling four screws through the shallow holes.
11. Twist the corresponding table leg into the twist-lock mounting plate.
12. Repeat the twist-lock mounting plate and leg attachment process using three additional sets of attachment units on the remaining three corners of the suitcase.
13. Flip the suitcase right side up so it is standing on all four legs with the top cover open. Set the suitcase against a wall so the top cover remains in place.
14. Apply three lines of Gorilla Super Glue to the back panel of the bottom suitcase lid and attach the vanity mirror. The top of the mirror will extend above the top lid of the suitcase, keeping the lid from falling shut.
15. Fill the suitcase vanity desk with makeup, brushes and even a decorative vase of flowers.