Pinkies up! Add elegance to a drinking glass with an etched initial

Looking for the perfect gift for a beer, wine or whiskey lover in your life? No matter their beverage of choice, drinking glasses with an etched initial add a touch of sophistication to anyone's home bar or cabinet. Buying a ready-made set is one option, but a DIY version allows you to choose the style of glass and lettering for a gift that's the peak of personalization. This project uses tumblers, but any glass will work just as well.
One of the required supplies is glass etching cream, which works quickly and easily to create the desired effect, but is nevertheless a dangerous substance that can cause burns if handled improperly. Wear gloves when using the product and always read the full package instructions before starting a project. When choosing a peel-and-stick painting stencil, opt for one that indicates you can use it with glass etching cream. Amour Etch makes several stencils that are durable enough to wash and reuse several times, so it's possible for you to create multiple glasses with the same initial without needing to buy more supplies.
- Tumbler glasses
- Peel-and-stick painting stencil, 1 inch tall
- Glass etching cream
- Paint brush, 1/8-inch flat bristles
- Paper towel
- Disposable gloves
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a clean tumbler glass on the table.
2. Peel the back off the stencil. Stick the desired letter to the center of the glass.
3. Put on the disposable gloves, then paint the glass etching cream on the tumbler through the stencil.
4. Follow the package instructions to determine how long to leave on the cream. When ready, wipe the cream off with a paper towel.
5. Remove the stencil.