Turn an old suitcase into a striking indoor planter with this easy DIY

This DIY project combines several of the most charming elements on trend today. It's an indoor planter, bringing the beauty of nature into the home. The planter is made from a vintage suitcase — and although upcycling suitcases is common, using them as planters is quite original. Finally, the addition of chalkboard paint to the inside of the lid allows you to write your own inspirational messages on the finished project.
This suitcase planter is perfect for a guest bedroom. The suitcase hints at travel, while the blooming flowers are a nice surprise for your guests to wake up to. It's also lovely in a nursery, where "Bloom" takes on the double meaning of flowers growing and children growing up.
- Vintage suitcase
- Black chalkboard paint
- Paint roller
- Pan for paint
- Blue painter's tape
- 1-inch paintbrush
- Rope (enough to frame the inside lid of the suitcase)
- Hot-glue gun
- Scissors
- 2 brackets and matching screws
- Drill
- Soil
- 8 stones, medium-sized
- Small garden shovel
- Flowers
- Chalk pen
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1. Place the suitcase on a flat surface. You will work on the inside of the lid first.
2. Pour black chalkboard paint into your paint pan. Dip the paint roller into the paint pan. Apply the black chalkboard paint liberally to the inside of the top, in the center.
3. Before you add paint all the way to the edges inside the top, tape off the inside walls of the lid so they don't get paint on them.
4. Use your paintbrush to paint any remaining blank spaces on the inside of the lid, all the way up to the edges where the painter's tape is.
5. Once the paint dries, use your roller and/or brush to add a second coat.
6. Remove the painter's tape.
7. Apply hot glue all around the edges of the chalkboard paint. Press the rope down firmly to adhere. Cut off excess rope.
8. Flip the suitcase upside down and hang it over the edge of your workspace so that the hinges on the suitcase form an L shape. Use your drill to screw two additional brackets into the suitcase, each on the inside of the existing hinges.
9. Flip the suitcase back over so that you can work on the inside. Pour a generous amount of soil in the suitcase to cover the bottom. Smooth it out with your shovel.
10. Add stones to the soil.
11. Cover the stones with remaining soil. Use your shovel to smooth it out.
12. Plant flowers in the soil.
13. Add a message in chalkboard ink to the inside of the lid.