Add some fun to plain drinkware to set the tone of your next gathering

"I don't think there is ever a wrong time for polka dots," fashion designer Marc Jacobs once said. Polka dots seem to make clothing and home decor a little more fun and relaxed. If you're expecting company any time soon, consider creating polka dot painted drinking glasses. Serve guests beverages in the unique drinkware and get ready to discuss your fun DIY project.
Creating polka dot painted drinking glasses is quite simple. It will take approximately 10 minutes or less to create each glass. In fact, the hardest part of this project is waiting for the paint to dry! Use the instructions below to learn how to paint one or more polka dot painted glasses.
- Clear plastic craft sheet
- Drinking glass
- Masking tape
- Scissors
- Circle lever punch
- Plastic paint palette
- Acrylic paint in 3 different colors
- 3 paint brushes
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1. Place five pieces of masking tape horizontally across the clear plastic craft sheet. Leave enough space between the pieces of tape to allow a scissor to cut the strips.
2. Cut the plastic with scissors to reveal five separate strips of masking tape.
3. Use the hole lever punch. Make circular holes, approximately 1/2 inch apart, across the length of the tape.
4. Repeat the previous step on the four additional strips.
5. Remove the tape from one plastic strip.
6. Locate the middle of the drinking glass. Wrap the tape around the circumference of the drinking glass.
7. Remove a second piece of tape the from a plastic strip; wrap it around the glass above the previous piece of tape.
8. Remove a third piece of tape from a plastic strip; wrap it around the glass above the previous two pieces of tape.
9. Set the two additional strips aside for the next drinking glass. Alternately, you may add them to this glass to put your own spin on the design.
10. Squeeze three different colors of paint into three different paint holders on the palette.
11. Dip the paint brush into one color of paint. Paint alternating circles on the glass.
12. Dip a second paint brush into another color of paint. Paint alternating circles on the glass.
13. Dip a third paint brush into the last color of paint. Paint the remaining circles on the glass.
14. Allow the paint to dry.
15. Gently peel the tape off the glass.
16. Pour and serve an ice cold beverage in the polka dot painted drinking glass.
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