Make a splash with this DIY ombré glass

From hair coloring to nail art and even cakes, ombré is everywhere. This kaleidoscopic trend is the art of blending one hue to another, such as light blue to dark blue. While it's become more and more popular since the turn of the 21st century, ombré ⁠— which literally means "shaded" in French ⁠— first came into fashion in the mid-1800s. But there's a better way to enjoy this fun and funky style than dropping hundreds of dollars on a dye job or manicure.
This DIY project makes cold drinks even cooler by jazzing up a tall glass with a vibrant ombré effect. A set of glasses in each shade of the rainbow would be a splashy accessory for a barbecue or pool party. Give a few as a housewarming gift that loved ones are sure to grab each time they head to the porch or patio. Aside from being easy and inexpensive, this project is ripe for customization, and unlike hair and nails, the colors will be harder to fade or chip.
- Drinking glass
- Blue acrylic paint
- White acrylic paint
- Painter's tape
- Paintbrush
- Palette or disposable plate
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1. Wrap the painter's tape around the glass about 1-1 1/2 inches from the bottom.
2. Squirt three dollops of blue acrylic paint onto a palette or disposable plate. Add a dime-sized amount of white paint to one dollop, then a quarter-sized amount to another. Mix the paint colors to create three different shades of blue.
3. Paint the glass below the tape with the darkest shade of blue. Allow it to dry.
4. Remove the tape, then reposition it another 1-1 1/2 inches up the glass. Paint the section between the tape and the dark blue paint with the second-darkest shade of blue. Allow it to dry.
5. Remove the tape, then reposition it another 1-1 1/2 inches up the glass. Paint this section with the lightest shade of blue. Note that there should still be some unpainted glass left above the tape.
6. Allow it to dry, then remove the tape and fill with your favorite summer drink.
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