Ever wondered what to do with an old ladder? Make a succulent wall hanging

Vertical gardens are all the rage. In this DIY, you'll discover how to turn a simple decorative ladder into the base for a beautiful succulent wall hanging. It's easier than you might think. Some fabric backing, a staple gun and bright red paint go a long way toward turning a basic wooden ladder into something striking.
You can lean this indoor planter against a wall or hang it up on display. Place it horizontally or vertically. Have fun with it. The succulents need only a bit of light and care, so it's a low-maintenance indoor planter that works in almost any room of your home.
- Decorative ladder, 2-3 feet tall
- Sandpaper
- Red chalk paint
- 2-inch paint brush
- Black mesh fabric, sized to cover one side of the ladder
- Staple gun
- Scissors
- Small garden shovel
- Soil
- Succulents, about 15-20 small plants
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1. Sand down the entire ladder with sandpaper to make it smooth.
2. Paint one entire side of the ladder with red chalk paint using the paintbrush. Make sure to cover the rungs and any other parts that you can see when looking directly at the ladder.
3. Allow the paint to dry. Sand down the paint gently for a rustic look.
4. Turn the ladder over so you can work on the unpainted back side.
5. Place black mesh fabric on the ladder, covering the entire back side except for the very top and bottom legs of the ladder. Secure it down using the staple gun. Use scissors to trim away any extra fabric.
6. Turn the ladder back over so that you're working on the front side. Distribute soil evenly into each square of the ladder using the small shovel.
7. Remove each succulent from its pot. Use your fingers to break apart some of the soil at the bottom of the succulent. Then plant succulents into the soil inside of the ladder.