Spray paint over a wine bottle & add the most elegant glow to your home

A soft glow is all it takes to turn a room in the home into a welcoming oasis of comfort and style. When it comes to creating a customized look to achieve this illuminated feeling, there’s no reason to break the bank. Skip the trip to the store and instead, turn a wine bottle into a beautiful lighted accessory in only a few simple steps.
Any wine bottle will do for this unique look as long as the label is completely removed. Spraying the bottom half of the bottle with frosted finish creates an opaque surface that allows a collection of small LED lights to shine through beautifully. Keep the lights inside by adding a rubber cork switch for an authentic final product that still references the original bottle. Set this glowing accessory on a shelf alongside similar lights in bottles of all shapes and sizes for an elegant touch to interior design.
- Wine bottle
- Painter's tape
- Plastic gloves
- Protective cardboard square
- Rust-Oleum frosted glass finish
- Rubber cork switch with LED light string attached
1. Set an empty wine bottle with the cork intact on a flat working surface. Make sure the label has been entirely removed.
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2. Wrap the top third of the wine bottle completely with painter's tape. Continue wrapping tape halfway up the neck of the bottle.
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3. Fold a square of cardboard in half to act as a protective backdrop and set it up against a wall.
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4. Spray the bottom two-thirds of the wine bottle with Rust-Oleum frosted glass finish. Wear plastic gloves to keep the spray off of skin. Be sure to spray towards the cardboard backdrop to avoid splatter on furniture or walls.
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5. Remove the painter's tape from the wine bottle once the finish is dry and take out the original cork.
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6. Replace the original cork with a rubber cork switch complete with LED light strings attached. Gently press the lights down through the neck of the bottle until they shine through the finished bottom. Make sure the rubber cork switch is secured at the top.
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7. Place the glowing accessory on a shelf or table in combination with other similar jars for an elegant display in the home.
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