Steeped in creativi-tea: Transform a candle jar into a tea container

Stop hiding mugs in a crowded cabinet and stuffing tea boxes into a packed pantry. Bring a touch of luxury to the kitchen and create a tea station instead. This designated nook prominently displays your favorite brews and blends, as well as cups, teapots or other accouterments. Add a few of these feminine DIY containers into the mix for a darling way to display an eclectic collection of teas.
Eco-conscious crafters will love this idea for their new, orderly tea station. Rather than rush out to the home goods store for a set of canisters, simply clean out a few old candle jars and polish up their appearance with some ribbon. The ribbon helps keep the countertop from looking cluttered but also makes it easy to see the type of tea stored inside. With these containers, say goodbye to the leaning tower of tea boxes and hello to simple and sophisticated organization.
- An old candle jar with a lid
- Lace ribbon, 2 inches wide
- Lace ribbon, 1/2 inch wide
- Flower button
- Mod Podge
- Paintbrush
- High temp glue gun
- Scissors
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1. Take an old, clean candle jar and place it on the table.
2. Wrap the 1/2-inch-wide ribbon around the neck of the jar. Cut the ribbon, leaving about 1/4 inch of overlap.
3. Wrap the 2-inch wide ribbon around the middle of the jar. Cut the ribbon, leaving about 1/4 inch of overlap.
4. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge around the neck of the jar. Place the 1/2-inch-wide ribbon on the Mod Podge and wrap it all the way around. Allow it to dry.
5. Paint a 2-inch-wide layer of Mod Podge on one side of the middle of the jar. Place the 2-inch-wide ribbon on the Mod Podge. Flip the jar and paint the next side, then place the ribbon on the Mod Podge.
6. Repeat for all four sides of the jar. Allow it to dry.
7. Use the high temp glue gun to attach the flower button to the top of the lid. Place the button in the center of the lid.
7. Fill with the tea of your choice.

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