Put sheet netting over wine bottle. In a few easy steps, create a gorgeous centerpiece

You likely have a wine bottle or two that are either halfway to being finished or sitting in your recycling currently. Reuse one ingeniously by transforming it into a pretty, glowy centerpiece for your table that will add an intimate warmth to your next dinner party.
With just a little gold leaf paint, some netting that's available in patterns with differently-sized hexagons, and a string of twinkly fairy lights, a lowly wine bottle will become the toast of your table. And why wait for friends to come over to beautify your evening meal? Enjoy this centerpiece alone, with your dinner and a nice glass of vino of course. You deserve it!
- 1 wine bottle, emptied and washed out, and its cork
- Sheet of hexagonal netting
- Painter’s tape
- Jar of Liquid Leaf paint in gold
- Fine art paintbrush
- Spool of thick copper wire
- Small cutting tool
- String of battery-powered fairy lights
- Needle nose pliers
DIY Everywhere
1. Set the wine bottle down on your work surface.
2. Put the sheet of netting around the bottom of the bottle and tape the plain netting edges on either side of the bottle to it. The top of the sheet should reach to the middle of the body of the wine bottle. Note that the netting piece ends will not meet in the back of the bottle, and there will be a gap between where they’re taped to the bottle.
3. Open the paint bottle and brush a coat of the gold paint lightly over the hexagonal netting.
4. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
5. Carefully remove the hexagonal netting. There will now be a beautiful honeycomb pattern in gold on the bottle.
6. Take about six inches of the copper wire and wrap it around the neck of the wine bottle.
7. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, shape each of the wire’s ends into a spiral shape and press it against the glass so it’s flat. The wire rows should sit in the middle of the bottle’s neck and a wire spiral will adorn the top and bottom portions of the wire.
8. Insert the string of fairy lights into the bottle.
9. Replace the cork in the bottle top.
10. The centerpiece is now ready to adorn your table.