Combine refinement and your signature scent with a teacup candle

For many women, the memory of holding tea parties stay with them throughout their lives. As an adult, the elegance of a tea party is still attainable with a small twist. By converting a tea set into a polished collection of candles, you can bring the whimsy of a tea party to any room.
Matching tea sets are plentiful at most thrift stores. You can likely find a full set or, for a more eclectic style, mix and match teacups, teapots and platters. Using your favorite scent will help to personalize your candle tea set and let you fill your home with the soothing fragrance of your choice.
- Teacup
- Candlewick
- Clothespin
- Hot plate or stovetop
- Melting wax
- Heat-safe liquid measuring cup
- Popsicle stick
- Essential Oil, Vanilla (optional)
- Work gloves or oven mitts
- Crafting scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Wash your teacup by hand to remove any dust or debris, and dry it. Place the metal candlewick tab at the bottom of the teacup and center it. Use the small center notch of the clothespin to hold the wick, and lay the clothespin horizontally across the teacup.
2. Fill a heat resistant measuring cup with wax flakes or beads for melting. These can be purchased at most crafting stores in a variety of colors and types of wax.
3. Place your measuring cup on the stove or hot plate. Heat on low or low-medium heat to melt the wax.
4. Once the wax is mostly liquid, use a wooden skewer or Popsicle stick to stir in the remaining solid pieces.
5. While still over low heat, add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance. For this tutorial, we used vanilla. Stir in the essential oil, and carefully remove the measuring cup from the heat using work gloves or oven mitts.
6. Carefully pour the melted wax into the teacup. Allow the wax to cool and harden.
7. Once cooled, remove the clothespin and trim the candlewick using craft scissors.
8. Light your candle and enjoy or repeat the process with a couple more teacups, a saucer and a teapot to create a complete candle tea set.