Create decor a game lover will adore — turn a Monopoly board into a garland.

Charm game night guests with this garland made from a Monopoly board. The rainbow tiles catch the eye, while pom-poms add a touch of whimsy. String the garland above a collection of board games for everyday decor, or use it as the focal point of a game-themed birthday party. No matter when or where you hang it, this game board garland is sure to please.
The colors of a Monopoly board make it the ideal game to transform into a festive adornment. The eight different sets of property tiles line up to form a rainbow, from pink and red to brown and light blue. Group like colors together for a streamlined take or shuffle the tiles for a mismatched look. To really turn heads, consider gluing the metal player pieces to a few of the tiles.
- An old Monopoly board
- Scissors
- White embroidery thread
- Embroidery needle
- Felt pom-poms in pink (3), red (3), orange (3), yellow (3), green (3), blue (2), brown (3) and white (3)
- High temp glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay a Monopoly board flat on the table.
2. Cut off the black trim around the edge of the board.
3. Cut out and save all of the colored property tiles from the game. Discard any tiles that you can’t build houses or hotels on, such as railroads, Chance tiles or corner pieces.
4. Thread the end of the white embroidery thread through a needle. Thread on a white pom-pom and pull it several feet down the thread.
5. Take any of the light blue property tiles, such as Connecticut Avenue, and turn it face down. Put a thin line of hot glue across the back of the tile near the top edge.
6. Place the thread left of the white pom-pom onto the hot glue and let it dry. Flip the tile so it's face up but with the text upside down. Pull the white pom- pom close to the tile. Thread on another white pom-pom and pull it next to Connecticut Avenue, then repeat with Vermont and Oriental Avenues.
7. Repeat step 6 with the rest of the property tiles and pom-poms in this order: brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink.
8. Cut the thread a few inches from the end of the garland. Hang above a shelf of board games and invite some friends over for an evening of fun!