Corral essentials in this one-of-a-kind shampoo bottle magnetic holder

Keeping your home organized is a challenge at best and a losing battle at worst. This project allows you to make a useful and pretty organizational tool quickly and with minimal effort. Despite the project's ease, this DIY catchall will make a big difference in how smoothly things go around the house.
The project can be customized to fit with your space’s color scheme or your pattern preference. Its look is determined by the wallpaper you choose. There’s something incredibly satisfying about feeling on top of your work, home life and family members’ schedules, and this DIY ensures you'll rock the role of household manager of the century.
- Shampoo bottle, rinsed and dried out
- Painter’s tape
- X-Acto knife
- Scissors
- Jar of Mod Podge
- Paintbrush
- Wallpaper remnant
- Piece of tissue
- Two small circular magnets
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue gun sticks
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay the shampoo bottle down on your work surface.
2. Place a piece of tape around the bottle at about one-third of the way down from where the bottle top screws onto the body of the bottle.
3. Using the tape's bottom edge as a guide, cut around the bottle with the knife.
4. Separate the bottom portion of the bottle from the top piece.
5. With the scissors trim any excess or uneven parts on the upper edge of the bottom portion.
6. Coat the bottom portion with Mod Podge.
7. Wrap the piece of wallpaper around the front and sides of the bottle. Wipe off with a tissue any excess Mod Podge on the back. There will be extra wallpaper above the top edge of the cut bottle.
8. Trim this excess wallpaper above the bottle's top edge.
9. Take the small magnets and apply hot glue to one side of each. Make sure the sides of the magnets without the glue are attracted to metal and magnetic.
10. Affix the magnets vertically to the portion of the bottle that isn't covered in wallpaper.
11. Allow the glue to dry.
12. Your organizational catchall is now ready to be mounted to your refrigerator or a metal wall calendar or planner.

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