Be the host with the most. Transform an old game board into a fabulous serving tray

Have a closet full of old games that no longer get played? Pick out a board with bright colors and upgrade it into a funky serving tray. A tray made out of an old game board adds retro charm to a coffee table and is sure to spark a few compliments at a house party. Use it to hold remotes and books in the living room or to serve up a couple of cocktails in style.
This project uses an old Mystery Date game, but there’s no reason not to use Sorry!, Candyland or another game of choice. As long as the board is the same size or bigger than the tray, any game will do. Don’t worry if the cut edges of the board are rough or expose a slight bit of the tray beneath. A border made of leather cord hides any imperfections and gives the tray a more polished appearance.
- An old Mystery Date game or board game of choice
- Wooden serving tray
- Scissors
- Measuring tape
- Straight ruler
- Pen
- Flat leather cord, black
- High temp glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Measure the length and width of a wooden serving tray with a measuring tape.
2. Using a straight ruler and pen, mark the necessary trim area on an old game board so that it will fit the surface of the tray.
3. Cut off the excess board and discard.
4. Outline the surface of the tray with hot glue. Press the game board down onto the glue and allow it to dry.
5. Go around the edges of the board with hot glue. Press the leather cord onto the glue. Outline the entire board with the cord. Trim the cord and allow the glue to dry.
6. If there are holes in the board that reveal the original surface of the tray, glue leftover pieces of the game on top to cover the holes up.