Decorate in summer style with this beach-inspired wine bottle accessory

Bring summer to life in your home any time of year by creating beach décor using an empty wine bottle. Skip the store and instead, transform a sleek, simple bottle into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that’s sure to catch the attention of family and friends. It doesn’t take much more than some sand, shells and a little twine to turn a used bottle into a nautically-inspired accessory. Create a vibrant summer look that livens up a living room, dining room, kitchen table or even a bathroom vanity.
Once you've removed the label from the wine bottle, the decorative possibilities are endless. A funnel makes it easy to add as much or as little sand to the interior as you prefer. From here, a collection of colorful shells brings a pop of color. Tie twine around the top of the bottle for a vintage exterior look and add a scroll of paper inside for intrigue. This beach-themed wine bottle is easy to set on a shelf in the living room but could be a nice addition to the bathroom sink.
- Wine bottle with the label removed
- 1 cup of sand
- Funnel
- Seashells (3 large and 20 small)
- Small bowl
- Coffee
- Piece of paper, 5-by-8 inches
- Paper towel
- Twine
- Scissors
- Plastic bottle stopper
- Hot glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Funnel one cup of sand into the bottom of an empty wine bottle that's had its label removed.
2. Drop two larger seashells into the bottle followed by a collection of 20 smaller seashells in various colors.
3. Fill a small bowl with coffee and submerge a 5-by-8-inch piece of paper in the liquid.
4. Place the bowl on top of a paper towel and let the paper soak for one to two minutes.
5. Remove the paper from the coffee. Crinkle it so it looks antique and distressed before letting it dry out on the paper towel.
6. Roll the paper tightly once it’s dry to resemble a message in a bottle.
7. Cut a small piece of twine and tie it around the paper.
8. Drop the twine-tied paper into the wine bottle.
9. Press a plastic bottle stopper into the top of the wine bottle.
10. Apply hot glue around the bottom edge of the bottle stopper and wrap a length of twine around the circumference to secure to the plastic.
11. Continue gluing and wrapping twine around the stopper until the top edge is reached. From here, spiral the twine and glue on top of the stopper to make sure it’s completely covered as well. Cut away excess twine as needed.
13. Cut and tie a single piece of twine around the neck of the wine bottle.
14. Apply a spot of hot glue to the back of a large shell and press it to the center of the twine knot to attach.
15. Place the beach-inspired wine bottle accessory on a shelf or bathroom sink to enjoy a summer view all year long.