Master the art of an elegant upgrade. Change a wine bottle into a chandelier

Chandeliers are often considered the ultimate icon of decorative elegance when it comes to creating a space that’s equally luxurious and romantic. These sparkling accessories can add just the right touch of sophistication to a dining room but often come with a hefty price tag. There’s no reason to overspend when it’s possible to turn an empty wine bottle into a beautiful chandelier that’s also unique.
Cutting away the bottom of a used wine bottle provides the space needed to hang eye-catching crystals or clear beads that will wonderfully reflect light once the bottle is mounted from the ceiling. Using fishing line to hang the accessories provides the appearance that these gems are floating from within the bottle, adding to the overall elegance. While a wine bottle chandelier is an ideal addition over a dining room table, it could just as easily add a bit of decorative drama to an entryway or an upscale bedroom look.
- Wine bottle
- Protective gloves
- Sanding block
- CW-800 electro coated abrasive paper
- 20-gauge silver wire
- Wire cutters
- Pliers
- Clear fishing line
- Scissors
- Decorative hanging gems (4)
- Painting tape
- Plastic bottle stopper
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut away the bottom third of a clear wine bottle that has had the label completely removed.
2. Cover a sanding block with CW-800 electro coated abrasive paper.
3. Sand the bottom edges of the wine bottle smooth. Be sure to wear protective gloves to protect the skin from cuts.
4. Wrap a length of 20-gauge silver wire around the neck of the wine bottle nine times.
5. Cut the wire away from the spool using wire cutters.
6. Spiral both ends of the wire using pliers before pushing the wire as far up as it will go on the neck of the wine bottle.
7. Cut four lengths of clear fishing line using scissors so that each length extends past the bottom of the wine bottle by several inches.
8. String and knot the four sets of decorative hanging gems onto the end of each length of fishing line.
9. Line up the fishing line ends that don’t have the gems attached and connect them together with a small piece of painting tape.
10. Thread the taped together fishing line end through the bottom of the wine bottle and up through the neck.
11. Pull the fishing line through the top of the bottle to the desired length so the decorative gems are hanging below the wine bottle edge.
12. Knot the top of the fishing line around a plastic bottle stopper. Cut away the painting tape and secure the stopper in the top of the bottle.
13. Hang the wine bottle chandelier over a dining room table or in an entryway for maximum sparkle and effect.