Hold it: Upcycle a shampoo bottle into a stylish makeup brush holder

Whether you’re into the contouring craze or not, chances are you or someone you know has a sizable collection of makeup brushes. Each serves a different but important purpose. The big ones swoosh on blush, the smaller ones precisely apply eyeliner, and then there are many in between.
Since the typical makeup fan’s bathroom is filled with cosmetics plus myriad specialized application tools, it’s easy for the space to quickly become an organizational challenge. This DIY project couldn’t be more budget-friendly, but it’s also functional and best of all, it pretties up the makeup area. You can cover the bottle with paper that harmonizes with your space’s color scheme and style, whether retro or mod. Whipping up this project takes little time, but it’s guaranteed to add lots of ease to your morning routine.
- Bottle, emptied and washed
- Paper towel
- Bottle of Goo Gone
- Painter’s tape
- X-Acto knife
- Wallpaper or heavy-duty wrapping paper remnant
- Hot glue gun
- Glue gun sticks
- Scissors
- Roll of rope twine
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1. Pour a bit of Goo Gone on a paper towel and wipe it on the front of the bottle to remove all the label remnants and adhesive.
2. Wrap a piece of painter’s tape around the bottle, just below the neck.
3. Using the X-Acto knife, cut just below the bottom of the tape, using its edge as a guide.
4. Separate and discard the top piece from the bottom piece of the bottle.
5. Take the paper and wrap it around the body of the bottle so it covers the front and sides of the bottle, but not the back portion.
6. Apply a line of hot glue to the bottom edges of the bottle and affix the paper to the surface.
7. Apply glue lightly to the other parts of the bottle and affix the paper so it covers the front and sides.
8. Use the scissors to trim the excess paper above the top edge of the bottle.
9. Apply glue to the upper edge of the bottle and affix the paper to it.
10. Wrap the rope twine around the uppermost papered part of the bottle twice.
11. Affix two rows of twine to the paper with hot glue.
12. Cut the twine from the spool.
13. Repeat steps 10-13, except wrap the twine around the bottom of the bottle.
14. Allow the glue to dry.
15. The holder is now ready to organize your makeup brushes.

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