Get the most unique desk organizer ever. Make one out of an old Parcheesi board

Your desk organizer doesn’t have to be the drab and utilitarian kind that you get from an office supply store. This DIY version made from a Parcheesi board adds an unexpected layer of color and detail to an otherwise dull desk. Use it to support a stack of books you’re in the process of reading, or gather together a few jars of colored pencils and pens for an artist’s table. The simple design makes it flexible enough to accommodate different uses, so the organizer can adapt as your needs change.
This project is so easy that it literally comes together in seconds and requires only a few common household supplies. It’s a great opportunity to recycle an old game board squirreled away in your attic or to make use of one picked up for pocket change from a thrift store or garage sale. If a Parcheesi board isn’t readily on hand, any square game board that folds down into quarters will do. For games that don’t already have a slit running halfway up the board, add one with a box cutter, Xact-o knife or pair of scissors.
- An old Parcheesi board or a board that folds into quarters
- High temp glue gun
- Yarn
- Scissors
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1. Unfold a Parcheesi board and lay it flat on the table. Position the board so that the slit is directly in front of you.
2. Outline the bottom right quadrant of the board with hot glue. Pick up the bottom left quadrant of the board, pull it over, and place it on top of the hot glue. This action will pull up the top half of the board, forming a shape similar to three sides of a box. Press down firmly and allow the glue to dry.
3. Put a line of hot glue all the way down the vertical seam of the board. Press a length of yarn into the glue. Continue adding glue and yarn along the horizontal seam on the left side of the board.
4. Add a line of hot glue along the horizontal seam on the right side of the board. Press the yarn into the glue. Trim the yarn at the end of the board.
5. Place the organizer at the corner of a desk to hold books or office supplies.

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