Don't throw out an empty shampoo bottle. Upcycle it into a stylish sponge holder

Without fail, favorite shampoos seem to disappear way too fast. Instead of throwing out the empty bottle when the shampoo runs out, take a few minutes to upcycle the plastic into a sponge holder that’s both convenient and cute while also helping the environment. It only takes a few minutes to design an entirely new look for the bathroom sink. This unique DIY project keeps sponges in place and adds some rustic charm to the overall style of the space as well.
Once the top of the shampoo bottle is cut away, the bottom two-thirds is just the right size to hold a sponge. Adding some twine loops to the top edge of the bottle provides a nice decorative touch. Slits cut in the bottom of the bottle make it easy for excess water to drain out when the sponge is saturated and creates a holder that’s crafted to last. This sponge holder is the ideal size for sitting on a bathroom sink next to a soap dispenser but could just as easily be placed on a kitchen sink.
-8 1/2 ounce emptied and cleaned shampoo bottle
-Painter’s tape
-X-Acto knife
-Hot glue gun
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1. Wrap painter’s tape around the top of an 8 1/2-ounce empty shampoo bottle with the label removed. The tape should be placed approximately 1 inch below the shampoo bottle lid.
2. Cut the top of the shampoo bottle away using an X-Acto knife and following the bottom edge of the painter’s tape for precision.
3. Cut two 1-inch slits on either side of the bottom of the bottle. These slits will allow excess water to run out when the sponge holder is complete.
4. Apply a spot of hot glue to the top edge of the bottle and press the end of a length of twine to attach it to the plastic.
5. Wrap and glue the twine three times around the top edge of the bottle. Be sure each loop touches the twine directly above. With the scissors, cut the twine away from the spool once the three loops are complete.
6. Place your newly designed holder on a bathroom or kitchen sink and use it to keep sponges readily available.

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