Make an aquarium candle and relax by the beach indoors

It's easy to bring the seaside indoors with a candle featuring ocean elements. The warmth of the flame plus your memories of the beach is a pleasant way to relax. Place the aquarium candle on your bedside table to wind down at night, or on the middle of a coffee table as a conversation piece. If you have a room dedicated to all things beach-related, this craft will fit right in.
You can purchase sand at craft stores, or grab some dry sand if you live near a lake or beach. If the climate only allows for wet sand, take some home, spread it out on paper towels and let it dry. Add any decorations you want, such as sand dollars, coral and fake fish, which are available in the aquarium sections of pet stores.
- Clear glass square container at least 6 inches at base and 6 inches high
- Ocean sand
- 2 pieces of coral
- 1 fake fish
- Wick at least 6 inches long
- Painter's tape
- Gel wax
- Wood craft stick
- Melting pot for the wax
DIY Everywhere
1. Pour in 1-1 1/2 inches of sand. Gently shake the container to level out the sand.
2. Wedge the pieces of coral into the sand so the bases are concealed. Gently wedge the fish into the sand.
3. Push the wick down into the middle of the sand. Place a strip of tape across the container's top so the left side of the tape bisects the middle of the top. Make a small horizontal slit into the center left side of the tape. Gently wedge the wick in the slit so the wick stays in place.
4. Scoop the wax into the pot using a craft stick. Melt the wax. Pour the wax into the container until it covers the sand and most of the decorative elements. You may cover them completely, or leave a little of the tops sticking up from the wax. Let the wax cool.
5. Trim the wick and place the container in a fire-safe area.