Say goodbye to water rings. Make colorful coasters out of an old Sorry! board

What’s uglier than water rings on the coffee table? Store-bought coasters that are stuffy and devoid of personality. Banish water rings forever and bring a bit of joy into the family room with these coasters made from an old Sorry! board. Not only are their colors eye-catching, but they’ll likely inspire a few trips down memory lane.
Sorry! is a beloved game that’s bound to induce nostalgia and laughs from anyone who sees these whimsical coasters. No doubt a few friends will have fond memories of game night spats and showdowns over this very board. To get the conversation started, make a set of coasters and use them as a fun and practical addition for your next game night. When the party is over, keep the coasters around the living room to elicit a smile from visiting family and friends.
- An old Sorry! board
- Scissors
- Mod Podge
- Paint brush
- High temp glue gun
- Yarn
DIY Everywhere
1. Start by cutting up along the outside line of the “safety zone” in the green section of the board. After the fourth square up, turn the board and cut across four squares. Turn the board a third time and cut down, ending along the outside line of the bottom four squares.
2. Trim off and discard the board below the bottom four squares.
3. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge across the coaster. Allow it to dry. This will protect the coaster from condensation.
4. Use a high temp glue gun to glue the yarn around all four sides of the coaster. Trim the yarn and allow the glue to dry.
5. Repeat for the other three colors on the board. If desired, make coasters out of the “home” sections.
6. Enjoy your new coasters at game night, in a living room, or anywhere needed.