Triple word score! Make an elegant and durable bookmark out of a Scrabble board

Bookworms know that there are few things as wonderful as getting lost in a good book. A bookmark, then, has something of a sacred duty holding your place until it's time to read again. Why settle on using a business card, receipt or flimsy paper bookmark for such a trusted job? This Scrabble bookmark with elegant tassels is as durable as it is beautiful, plus it speaks to a love of words.
One Scrabble board is large enough to make ten of these bookmarks. Each one is a breeze to make and costs hardly anything at all, especially if you score an old board from the thrift shop or a garage sale. Make a few for yourself, friends or members of your book club. For a truly thoughtful gift, tuck one inside a book before giving it to that lucky someone.
- An old Scrabble board
- Scissors
- Awl
- Tassels, two
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay the Scrabble board flat on the table.
2. Begin cutting a straight line up the board three squares from the left. Stop at the crease where the board folds in half, or at about 7 1/2 squares up. Cut across the board along the crease.
3. Trim away the border of the board until only a rectangle remains that is three squares wide and 7 1/2 squares tall.
4. Use the awl to poke a hole through the middle square along the top edge of the bookmark. Thread the cord of a tassel through the hole, then thread the tassel through the cord. Pull taut.
5. Repeat for the middle square along the bottom edge of the bookmark. Add visual interest by using a tassel in a contrasting color.
6. Your new bookmark is ready to slip inside your favorite book.