Use liquor bottles and paint to make this 'love-ly' centerpiece

Have you ever wanted to create your own centerpiece that looks store-bought but has the feel and pride that comes only from something homemade? Painting the word "love" on these bottles and placing them somewhere in need of a little brightening is a whimsical way to make a room pop and make you smile every time you look at them.
This centerpiece is inexpensive and easy to make but would probably cost $20 or more if store-bought. In addition, the bottles look handsome, and the colors match just about everything. You can place them anywhere from a side table to a kitchen counter to a bathroom shelf, just to remind you and yours that love will always be the answer.
- Four small swing-top glass bottles
- Painter's tape
- Plastic paint tray
- Black crafter's acrylic paint
- A medium-sized paintbrush
- White fabric or puffy paint
- Colorful twine
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the four swing-top bottles lying down on a flat surface. Break off two short and two long pieces of painter's tape, and place them on one of the bottles to frame a rectangular shape.
2. Do this with each bottle so they all have a similar shape marked out on each.
3. Place a dollop of black paint on your plastic paint tray. Use your paintbrush to paint within the painter's tape on each of the bottles. Let the paint dry, then peel away the tape.
4. Do this for all four bottles.
5. Take a small container of white fabric paint and use it to paint the letters L, O, V and E on bottles one to four. To give the letters a bit of a flourish, use the fabric paint to place a small dot where each of the lines end or have a corner, as in the picture. You can also design the letters your own way.
6. Cut a pretty piece of colorful twine, and tie it around the neck of each bottle in a bow.
7. Place your bottles on a flat surface, such as a table or a shelf. It can help to place them in a pattern where the first and third bottles are slightly behind the second and fourth to create depth.
Now you have a beautiful centerpiece designed and created by you that will always remind you to love others as much as you can!