Make a delicate centerpiece with multicolored sea glass and an old liquor bottle

Sea glass is beautiful and adds a nautical yet classy atmosphere to any space. What is the best way to display sea glass so people can see it without spilling out on to the carpet? A liquor bottle, preferably one with a swing-top stopper, which you can easily purchase from a home goods store, does the trick.
This DIY sea glass centerpiece project is extremely easy and will brighten up any room from a living room to a kitchen to an outdoor deck. Since it uses a clear, glass bottle, it allows you to display different types of sea glass all at once so everyone can enjoy the way it catches the light. Best of all, it's inexpensive and takes only five minutes to make.
- A clear glass liquor bottle with a swing-top stopper
- Different types of sea glass in different colors and sizes
- A funnel
- A spool of twine
- A hot glue gun
- A pair of scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Open the swing-top stopper on the liquor bottle. Decide how you want to arrange your sea glass. In most cases, it is best to layer each type of sea glass about an inch or two thick before adding more of a different type while also layering the biggest pieces on the top.
2. Place the funnel inside the top of the bottle to pour through smaller pieces of sea glass. Shake the bottle gently to make sure they distribute into an even layer.
3. Repeat this step with each different type of sea glass, trying to make sure there is an even layer of each one. If you have some pieces that are too big for the funnel, carefully drop them in one by one.
4. Close the stopper on the liquor bottle. Then make sure the twine is thin enough to wrap around the top of the bottle. Use a hot glue gun to add a layer of glue to the stopper's top and start affixing the twine to the stopper.
5. Continue to add glue in a circular pattern, wrapping the twine around in a spiral as you go, until the bottle's stopper is covered in a spiral pattern of twine.
6. After the twine has covered the bottle's stopper, use a pair of scissors to cut it and tuck the end into the spiral.
7. Wrap another piece of twine around the neck of the bottle, careful to leave strings about three inches in length on both sides. Cut the twine. Then tie it into a bow that will adorn the neck of the bottle.
8. Place your centerpiece in the middle of your dining room table, on a side table in the bathroom or somewhere else where you'll enjoy an elegant, seaside theme.