Keep the party atmosphere alive with a spring arrangement made from a liquor bottle

When the party's over and everyone has gone home, what can you do with all the empty liquor bottles? Use them to make some amazing crafts, such as a centerpiece with a touch of spring. Bring shades of flowers indoors with colored rocks and customize artificial greenery to fit the room's decor.
In a black and white room, this arrangement will be the only touch of color, so the multicolored rocks might seem a bit chaotic. Choose one color, such as yellow, and match the greenery's blooms to that color. In a tan or brown room, try blue, green or other earth tones. For a brighter room, the arrangement in the tutorial is perfect as is.
- Clean, dry liquor bottle: size fifth or larger with long neck
- Colored craft pebbles
- Colored twine
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Scissors
- Artificial greenery such as eucalyptus leaves and wisteria
DIY Everywhere
1. Fill the bottom 15 percent of the bottle with the colored rocks.
2. Glue twine around the bottom 50 percent of the bottle's neck, wrapping the twine from the bottom upward around the neck.
3. Place the eucalyptus leaves and wisteria in the bottle. Set the stems so they don't touch the rocks. Spread out the greenery so it extends past the bottle's base.
4. Place where desired.

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