Good as gold: Make a metallic mirror with washi tape

For those who love a bit of luxury, a metallic mirror is the ultimate home accessory. A mirror with a metallic frame can make your foyer feel fancy and your living room lavish. With this DIY project, no one will ever know it's actually made from a plain black mirror and a single roll of washi tape. Go for the gold washi tape or switch it out with silver.
To keep this mirror luxurious without seeming overdone, opt for one with a flat frame. Not only does this make the mirror seem sleek and minimalist, but it's also an easier surface to apply the washi tape to. Take a look around a thrift store or used furniture shop for a secondhand mirror that's simple in style and easy on the wallet.
- Mirror with a flat, wooden frame
- Gold washi tape, 15 millimeters (about 1/2 inch) wide
- Scissors
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1. Place the mirror flat on the table or work surface.
2. Place a vertical piece of tape about an inch above the bottom right corner of the mirror. The tape should line up with the edge of the mirror's surface. Pull the tape down and wrap it around the bottom edge. Trim with scissors.
3. Repeat with a second piece of tape or until one corner is covered.
4. Turn the tape horizontally. Place the end of the tape next to the bottom right corner and as close to the mirror's surface as possible, then wrap it around the frame. Trim with scissors.
5. Cover the vertical pieces of tape with horizontal pieces, being sure to wrap them around the frame as you did in step 4.
6. Continue placing horizontal pieces of tape all the way up the right side of the frame.
7. Tape the top, left and bottom sides of the frame in the same manner as you did the right side of the frame. The tape should overlap at each corner until the frame is covered.
8. Hang on the wall and enjoy!