Invite some magic into your home. Create a fairy garden in a teacup

You're never too old to believe in fairies, or at least in the power of play and imagination. Fairy gardens are miniature worlds suited for sprites that spring up in flower pots and planters. This miniature version in a teacup doesn't require a green thumb and is a fun way to flex creative muscles. Once finished, you'll have a whimsical new decoration for an end table or bookshelf that will charm children and adults alike.
Feel free to let your imagination wander when creating this fairy garden. While the instructions for this project detail how to recreate the fairy garden from the tutorial video, it's easy — and even encouraged — to switch things up and make a one-of-a-kind design. Consider trading the butterfly for a bird or bumblebee, or instead of a table, craft a reading nook fit for a forest nymph. There's no wrong way to add a bit of magic to this petite sanctuary.
- Teacup and saucer
- High temp glue gun
- Spanish moss
- Small rocks and sticks
- Faux flowers
- Wire cutters
- Crafting butterfly
- Cork
- Mini log slice
- Lace ribbon
- Miniature place setting
- Miniature flower vase
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the teacup and saucer on a table or work surface. Turn the teacup on its side and hot glue it to the saucer.
2. Hot glue a handful of Spanish moss to the inside of the teacup and around it on the saucer.
3. Arrange a few small stones and sticks around the saucer and inside the teacup. Glue into place.
4. Use the wire cutters to trim the stems off of small faux flowers. Arrange the flowers in the Spanish moss as desired, then glue into place.
5. To create a table for your fairy garden, first glue a small scrap of lace ribbon to the top of a log slice. Glue the bottom of the slice to one end of a cork. Glue the other end of the cork to the saucer. Allow the glue to dry.
6. Glue a miniature spoon, fork, bowl, teacup and vase to the top of the miniature table.
7. Glue a butterfly to the rim of the teacup.
8. Once all the hot glue has dried, display your new fairy garden and enjoy.