Primp your planters with a playful touch of washi tape

It's easy to see why decorated planters are growing in popularity. A pot with a pop of color draws attention to plants and brightens up a room. Painting planters is one option, but washi tape is a quick and stress-free way to give pots a playful face-lift.
While this streamlined planter is stylish enough to display on its own without any extra decoration, a few thoughtful details help elevate the look. Washi tape with a succulent print brings an element of charm to the saucer, and a twine bow around the top of the planter adds a finishing touch. You could also use ribbon instead of twine or try another washi tape pattern instead of succulents. Switch up the materials as desired to match the mood of the room.
- Terra-cotta planter
- Terra-cotta saucer, about 1/2–3/4 inches tall
- Washi tape with a succulent print, 15 millimeters -- about 1/2 inch -- wide
- Scissors
- Mod Podge
- Paintbrush
- Twine
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1. Adhere the bottom half of the washi tape to the top of the terra-cotta saucer. Allow the other half of the tape to extend above the top of the saucer. Wrap the tape all the way around and trim with scissors. Fold the top half of the tape over the top edge of the saucer.
2. Line up the top edge of a new piece of washi tape with the bottom edge of the tape that's already on the saucer. Be sure to match up the pictures on the tape to give the illusion of a repeating design. Wrap the tape all the way around and trim with scissors. Press down on the bottom edge of the tape as needed.
3. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on the washi tape. Allow it to dry.
4. Place the planter in the saucer. Wrap some twine around the top of the planter and tie in a bow. Trim with scissors.
5. Use your new planter as a home for a succulent or another plant of your choice.

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