Give new life to a precious teacup. Turn it into a jewelry holder

Teacups are precious, dainty and beautiful. Many people enjoy sipping from them, but others simply like to look at them. If you're among those who find pleasure in teacups strictly for aesthetics, you can turn them into objects of decor. With this DIY, a teacup becomes an eye-catching jewelry holder. The jewelry accents the cup and becomes a statement piece you can visually relish each day.
If you have a vanity where you do your makeup and don your jewelry, then the teacup is a sweet addition to the space. If you get ready in the bathroom, a lovely teacup can add joy there, too. It also makes a charming gift. Take a set of teacups and make matching jewelry holders for sisters and friends.
- Teacup with matching saucer
- Candlestick holder, about 6-inches tall. Note: The width of the top of the candlestick should be approximately the same as the teacup diameter.
- Clear craft adhesive glue, such as E6000
- Lavender ribbon
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Apply a generous amount of clear craft adhesive glue in a ring around the bottom of the teacup. Quickly wipe away any drops that fall on the side of the cup.
2. Press the teacup onto the top of the candlestick holder. Allow glue to dry.
3. Apply clear craft adhesive glue in a ring around the bottom of the candlestick holder.
3. Press the candlestick holder onto the center of the saucer. Allow the glue to dry.
4. Cut a length of lavender ribbon long enough to tie into a bow around the candlestick holder. Tie the bow in the center or top third of the candlestick holder.
5. For an added touch, cut an inverted V-shape into each end of the tied ribbon.
6. Add jewelry. Hang earrings and necklaces off the side. Place rings in the cup or on the saucer.