No apples needed: Transform fruit bowls into a one-of-a-kind chic lantern

The transformative nature of this DIY will absolutely stun you. With just a couple wire fruit bowls, a can of spray paint, some fairy lights, and a few other supplies, you can craft a showstopping midcentury-inspired hanging lantern that will set a mellow, twinkly tone for movie night or an evening of staring at the stars from your patio.
We went with white spray paint, which contributes to a monochromatic simplicity when paired with the fairy lights, but if you choose a vibrant lime tone or an expressive indigo, the contrast will up the visual contrast and drama. There's no doubt you'll get compliments galore no matter where you choose to hang this on-trend beauty.
- Two wire fruit bowls
- Pair of thin rubber gloves
- Can of spray paint in your color of choice
- Three strings of battery-powered fairy lights
- Scotch tape
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue gun sticks
- Ball of white string
- Scissors
- Gorilla super glue gel
- A length of metal chain (length depends on where it will hang)
- An “S” hook
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1. Place your fruit bowls, facing up, on the work surface.
2. Put on your rubber gloves.
3. Apply one coat of spray paint to them and let it dry.
4. Turn the bowls over so the bottoms are facing upward and coat their exteriors with spray paint.
5. Gather the battery pack sections of all the strings of fairy lights and tape them together.
6. Apply a few dots of hot glue onto one side of the battery packs that are taped together.
7. Wrap the string around the battery packs, affixing it to the glue and applying pressure. When you’re done covering them, cut the string from the ball with the scissors.
8. Apply hot glue to the bottom center spot of the outer side of one of the fruit bowls.
9. Glue the string-covered battery packs to the outer bottom of the bowl and distribute the fairly lights inside it, stretching them out a bit so they're not too tightly bunched.
10. Get the Gorilla super glue gel and apply it to the entire upper rim of the bowl with the fairly lights in it.
11. Turn the other bowl upside down and place its open rim atop the glued rim of the other bowl. Make sure the bowls are aligned and apply pressure so they attach to each other completely and securely. Allow the glue to dry.
12. Gently weave the fairy lights around the bowls' wire components in a random pattern.
13. Wrap one half of the “S” hook around the fairly light battery packs.
14. Attach the chain to the other half of the “S” hook.
15. The fruit bowl lantern is now ready to hang.