Throw a garden party. Make a tiered tray with teacups

Who says tea parties are only for children? Gathering together a few friends for a warming cup of tea and some sweet treats is a pleasant way to pass an afternoon. This tiered tray made from teacups is a darling addition to a birthday party, wedding shower or a "just because" garden party. Fill it with macarons and meringues, then invite your pals over and enjoy!
If you don't already have a set of teacups and candleholders that you're willing to upcycle, try nosing around a thrift shop or antique store before rushing off to buy something brand new. Garage sales are also good places to find treasures waiting to be revitalized. Secondhand purchases are not only eco-friendly and financially wise, but they also add a one-of-a-kind look to the completed tray.
- Teacup
- Saucers, 2
- Candleholders, 2
- E6000 adhesive
DIY Everywhere
1. Put E6000 glue around the bottom of the teacup. Adhere it to the top of a candleholder.
2. Add glue to the bottom of the candleholder. Place it on the center of a saucer.
3. Put glue on both ends of the second candleholder. Place the bottom end on the center of the second saucer and the top end on the underside of the first.
4. Follow the package instructions for the E6000 to determine how long to let the glue dry. Once the glue has fully cured, fill the tray with your favorite finger foods and enjoy!

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