Transform an old ironing board into fancy storage decor

An old, unused ironing board may seem like something you should simply throw out. After all, the fabric on it has probably gotten stained and faded, and the legs may be rickety. However, you can create an impressive wine or towel rack with an old ironing board and just a little ingenuity.
This rack looks smart in your bathroom or kitchen, and the shape of the ironing board is actually perfect for it. It will upgrade any room you choose to use it in with a touch of class and elegance — without a high price tag. Finally, it's a versatile rack on which you can store many different types of items.
- An old wooden ironing board
- A power drill
- A flathead screwdriver
- A hammer
- A pair of needle-nose pliers
- An old towel or rag
- A sanding block
- A can of wood stain
- A paintbrush
- A small metal towel rack that fits on the ironing board and comes with its own mounting hardware
1. Take your old ironing board and flip it over so that the fabric is on your work surface. Use the power drill to remove the screws holding the metal legs and stands in place until you have only the board itself.
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2. Use the flathead screwdriver and the hammer to remove the staples holding the fabric to the board. If you have trouble with the screwdriver in some areas, the needle-nose pliers can be a helpful tool as well.
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Remove all of the fabric until you simply have the piece of wood.
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3. Use the handheld sanding block to smooth down the wood's surface. Wipe away any shavings with the old cloth or towel.
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4. Once the wood is relatively smooth, use the wood stain to paint the surface evenly.
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Use the old cloth to remove any excess wood stain, so the color is even across the board.
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5. Once the stain dries, paint a second coat, about one inch or so wide, around the board. This is meant to disguise the holes made by the staples and to give the entire board a look of depth. Use the cloth again to smooth away excess wood stain, so that there's a darker border around the entire piece of wood.
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6. Place the metal towel or wine rack -- either one can be used for both functions -- on the board, with the top of the rack facing the board's rounded end. Use the mounting tools that came with the rack to mount it onto the board.
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7. Place the rack on the wall of your bathroom to be used for rolled-up, clean towels or on the wall of your kitchen to be used for wine bottles. You can also store other things in this rack, such as small blankets, olive oil bottles and other materials.
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DIY Everywhere

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