Bring poolside fun to the party table with name settings that look like lifesavers

Summer may be on its way out, but that doesn’t mean there isn't time for one last seasonally-inspired party. Throw a poolside-inspired fete for family and friends that adds charming fun with lifesaver place settings and makes everyone feel welcome. Small wooden rings are just the right size for creating a one-of-a-kind place setting that reminds guests of time spent swimming or soaking up the sun while providing an excellent organizational system for dinner.
Once you've painted the wooden rings white, it won't take you long to add the lifesaver details. Sides wrapped in red yarn give the authentic look of a lifesaver, and adding a label-printed name tag gives every place setting a personalized touch. When you've finished, try setting the place cards on a pristine white plate for an amazing contrast that allows the red yarn and name label to really pop. Consider pairing the cards with red and white striped napkins or adding striped straws to the water glasses for good measure.
-Wooden craft ring 2 ½ inches in diameter
-Home Décor Chalk, Plaid
-Small glass bowl
-Flat-tip paintbrush
-Hot glue gun
-Red yarn
-Label maker
DIY Everywhere
1. Fill a small glass bowl with Plaid Home Décor Chalk.
2. Paint the entire surface of a 2 ½-inch wooden craft ring using a flat-tipped paintbrush.
3. Mark four equal points on the top, bottom and sides of the ring in pencil.
4. Apply a spot of hot glue to one of the side pencil markings and press the end of a string of twine to attach.
5. Apply hot glue to each of the remaining pencil markings, pressing the twine to secure. Allow for a small gap of space between the twine and the ring between each of the hot glue dots. Cut the twine away from the spool when you've reached the last glue dot.
6. Cut a length of red yarn from a spool.
7. Apply a spot of hot glue half an inch to the left of a side pencil marking and press the red yarn end to attach it to the side.
8. Loop the red yarn ten times around the ring, making sure each loop touches the one behind. The red yarn will be looped over the twine.
9. Hot glue the end of the red yarn to the ring to secure it in place. Cut any excess yarn away as needed.
10. Repeat the red yarn loops around each of the remaining pencil marking points.
11. Print out a guest name using a label maker and attach the label to a white painted space on the ring between red yarn wrappings.
12. Create a lifesaver name card for each party guest and place the rings on white plates using corresponding white and red napkins to make them pop.