Use glitter and essential oil to turn a glass bottle into a sparkling gel candle

Fewer than 1000 trained perfumers in the world know how to put the right fragrances together to achieve their desired effects. Luckily, though, basic aromatherapy doesn't require such a fine-trained nose. Simple essential oils can change the ambiance and emotion in our homes completely. For example, lavender is widely recognized as a calming scent for humans and animals alike.
This DIY highlights lavender scent visually in a gel candle that includes three different types of purple glitter. It's easy to make; you don't have to measure the glitter or oil perfectly to achieve the desired effect. In less than 20 minutes, you can create a soothing candle that will sparkle in its own light. Place it in a bathroom for a spa date with yourself, or in your bedroom as part of your evening wind-down routine.
- Glass bottle (for example, a juice bottle)
- Large purple craft glitter
- Small dark purple glitter
- Small light purple glitter
- Candlewick
- Metal wick bar
- Wax-pouring pot
- Gel candle wax
- Hot plate
- Lavender essential oil
- Scissors
- Light purple ribbon
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1. Remove the cap from the glass bottle. If you're upcycling a bottle, wash and dry it thoroughly before continuing.
2. Pour approximately 1 tablespoon of large purple craft glitter into the bottle.
3. Sprinkle approximately 1 teaspoon of small dark purple glitter into the bottle. Shake the bottle to mingle the large and small glitter, coating the sides a bit with the glitter.
4. Add approximately 1 teaspoon of small light purple glitter to the bottle. Shake gently to blend.
5. Insert wick into the bottle. The wick should be long enough to protrude out of the top by 2-3 inches.
6. Place the wick bar atop the bottle. Pull the wick through the center to hold it in place.
7. Add approximately 1 cup of gel candle wax to the pouring pot, using a spoon or craft stick if necessary.
8. Heat the gel candle wax on the hot plate on its highest setting.
9. Once the gel candle wax has melted, add approximately 12 drops of lavender essential oil to the melted wax.
10. Pour the scented, melted wax into the bottle to the rim, leaving the wick bar in place.
11. Remove the bar. Cut the wick down with scissors so that it's approximately 1 inch taller than the bottle.
12. Tie a bow around the bottle's rim with the light purple ribbon. Cut it down to size if necessary.

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