Save time and money in style: Create place settings with succulents

A chic, spring-inspired table setting doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag or hours of dedicated crafting time. When it comes to entertaining family and friends in style, set the right ambiance in short time by creating a set of DIY place settings that include succulents. These charming, yet elegant additions to the table are a low-cost option that bring a pop of color and make everyone feel welcome from the moment they arrive.
A small bucket and some sticker letters provide the simple base items for this eye-catching place setting. Once you've attached the guest's name to the exterior of the bucket and looped a bit of twine around the top for a rustic touch, all that’s left for you to add is a succulent. This sweet little piece of potted greenery can then be set on each guest's plate.
For the plate, consider choosing a hue that matches the bucket's exterior for some creative coordination. Place a vase of flowers in the center of the table in a similar color palette to pull the decorations together.
-Light blue bucket, 3 inches in height
-White sticker letters
-X-Acto knife
-Hot glue gun
-Succulent plant
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1. Remove the letters of a guest’s name one at a time from a large sticker sheet using an X-Acto knife for precision.
2. Press each letter to the middle surface of a light blue bucket, 3 inches high.
3. Cut 12 inches of twine from a spool.
4. Lay the bucket on its side and flip it so that the backside is facing up and the surface with the guest name in stickers is facing down.
5. Apply a spot of hot glue toward the top lip of the bucket.
6. Fold the length of twine in half to make sure both ends are even before you press the center of the twine to the glue.
7. Wrap the twine ends around the front of the bucket and tie a bow above the guest name.
8. Secure the bow to the bucket with a spot of hot glue behind the center knot.
9. Trim the twine bow ends to the desired length.
10. Place a small succulent plant in the bucket.
11. Create as many succulent place cards as you have guests and position them on place settings for a welcoming surprise that keeps the table organized.

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