Let's toast to the brilliant transformation of wineglass to stunning candle

Add a touch of romance to any room, a dining table or your patio with this crazy-quick and easy-to-make wineglass candle DIY. As long as you have some candle-making supplies, you can craft a candle out of pretty much anything, and a wineglass is an elegant and graceful vessel seemingly made for this application.
The glass’ width means your DIY will have the robust size of a pillar-style candle, so it will take a while to use up. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the elements you can choose to customize this project. You can select your candle’s hue to complement the color scheme of where it will live, and the essential oil you use to scent it can be anything from the energetic citrus essence we chose to a calming lavender. These candles are so easy to create that whipping up several and using differently shaped wineglasses or even a champagne flute is totally doable. Placed atop your mantel, they would look quite sophisticated, yet serve an important function.
- Stemmed wineglass
- Spool of plain or patterned string
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue gun glue sticks
- Scissors
- 25-ounce jar of Gelly Wax
- Plastic spoon
- Candle-making pitcher
- Electric wax melter
- Package of Gelly candle dye colors
- Bottle of essential oil
- 6-inch candle wick
- Metal candle wick-centering tool
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay the wineglass on its side on the work surface.
2. Unravel some string from the spool and apply a few drops of hot glue to the end of the piece.
3. Place the string at the top of the glass stem, just underneath the base of the body. Apply a bit of gentle pressure so the end of the string sticks to the stem securely.
4. Wind the string around the stem in concentric circles and apply a few drops of glue to the stem at about one-third of the way down the stem’s length, and then about two-thirds of the way down.
5. Snip the string from the spool and apply some glue to the very bottom portion of the stem where this end piece will go. Press the end of the string down on the stem so it affixes securely.
6. Stand the glass up on the work surface.
7. Empty the entire jar of Gelly Wax into the candle-making pitcher with the spoon.
8. Put the pitcher into the wax melter and set the heating level at midrange, between 3 and 4. Allow the wax to fully liquefy.
9. Choose your color from the candle dye assortment and squeeze about six drops into the melted wax. Stir with the spoon to disperse the dye evenly.
10. Take the bottle of essential oil for scenting the candle, release a few drops into the melted wax and stir again.
11. Rest the wick-centering tool on top of the rim of the glass so the hole in it is centered.
12. Place the wick through the hole and down into the glass until it touches the bottom.
13. Take the pitcher out of the wax melter and carefully pour its contents into the wineglass.
14. Allow the wax to solidify completely and trim any excess wick at the top with the scissors. The top of the wick should be about even with the rim of the glass.
15. Your wineglass candle is now ready to be displayed and lighted.

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