This welcoming bird-themed place setting DIY may make your guests chirp with delight!

Life is busy, but taking time to entertain is always worth it. This easy and sweet DIY bird place-card-setting project will charm your guests as they search for their seats at your next brunch or dinner party.
An unfinished wooden base adds a delightful rusticity to the look of the place-card settings, and you can count on the bird theme to add joy to any occasion. Choose to make your place-card settings all one type of bird that you particularly love (hello, hummingbirds), or fashion one with a different type for each guest to make them feel special. However you choose to execute this project, these pieces will allow your next special event to take flight.
- Spool of dark green floral wire
- Small cutting tool
- Spool of rope twine
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Scissors
- Small bird figurine
- Piece of paper with the guest’s first name printed on it, by computer or by hand. Note: The paper should be trimmed closely so there's very little border around the printed name.
- Small, unfinished wood slice, about a quarter-inch thick and about a half-inch in diameter
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1. Cut a piece of floral wire about 6 inches long from the spool.
2. Apply a few drops of hot glue to one end of the piece of wire.
3. Unravel a bit of rope twine from its spool and wrap the end around the wire that has glue applied to it.
4. Wrap the twine around the glued wire so the end of the twine is aligned with the wire's end. Apply a little pressure to affix the twine securely to the wire.
5. Continue applying glue along small bits of the wire and wrapping the twine around it as you go, until you come to the end of the wire.
6. Trim any excess twine off this end with the scissors. On the other end, cut about a quarter-inch off of the twine-wrapped wire.
7. Apply a few drops of glue directly underneath the bird’s beak and glue the covered wire to it. Place the length of wire so there's a bit more of it that extends past the right side of the bird’s beak. This will be where the tag goes.
8. Apply a couple of drops of glue to this part of the wire where the tag will be placed. Affix the small strip of paper with the name printed on it to the twine with the glue on it.
9. Apply a few drops of glue to the top side of the wood disk and place the bottom of the bird on it. Instead of putting glue in the “dead center” of the wood disk, place it a little to the left of the disk’s center.
10. Allow the glue to dry.
11. The name card marker can now be placed next to a drinking glass on the table or directly on a plate or in a bowl to indicate where guests will sit.